Interview with Greg Henry

name: greg

age: henry

hometown: Niagara Falls ON. CANADA

years killing it: 7
Favourite stunt, food, beer at the moment?

-foot jam, pussy, moosehead
Favourite person in bmx right now?

-dom mach
Least favourite person in bmx right now?

Do you have a fav. riding spot right now?

-anywhere thats not inside
Do you do anything other then BMX?

Guitar Hero level?

-dialed on medium, weak on hard
For the kids out there, what is BMXFU?

-da bomb
Ive heard rumors from the guys at coalition who claim your the milfhunters son? is that true?

-hes not my dad but he is defenatly my mentor
Are you Filming for anything right now?

-next milf hunter episode
ipod or raw dog?

-fuck technoligy and fuck rubbers
Last words or thanks?

-get high, go ride

- everyone i ride with, i got dope friends

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