The Man Behind Checker Bike Shop

Whats your full name? and any nicknames if you have them?
-Barry Andrew Wigston
Nicknames are Wiggy….based on my last name, checkerberry based on my job with the Best BMX store in Canada…..and Biker Barry….everyone in Chippawa Calls me that because they always see me on a bicycle
Where did you grow up?
-I was born and raised in Port Colborne, ON. Moved to Chippawa/Niagara Falls in 2003
How did you get hooked up with the job at Checker? And how do you like it?
-One day I was out riding my mountain bike and busted a bunch of spokes…so I stopped in at Checker Bike Company and asked the owner, who I had become acquaintances with if he was looking for anyone to help him out. A year later after a guy quit the shop he asked me if I would come work with him….that was 4 years ago, and I have to say, I have enjoyed every day that I have had worked there. I really admire and appreciate the guys that come to our shop…Niagara has a very dedicated group of BMX riders.
Is it True, Checker is the largest bmx shop in Canada?
-I am not completely sure if it is…but I know that Transition BMX in Edmonton was bragging that they were the Largest because they had $60,000 worth of bmx parts and bikes, but I know we have a lot more than that….
What bike part to you sell the most of?
-I would have to say we sell more inner tubes and chains than anything else
Store hours at the moment?
-Just Thursday 12-7 Friday 12-7 Saturday 12-5, business is slow in November
What do you do in your spare time?
-Well of course I love biking, watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, going for walks, oh and I cannot forget to mention I have a wife and 4 children so they keep me pretty busy
Myspace or Facebook?
-Myspace, I find all those requests and invitations on Facebook freaking annoying!!!
Ive heard your addicted to Wongtong soup? is that true?
-Yes…I would have to guess that Wonton soup makes up half of my body weight these days haha
Best part of working at checker?
-The customers…I have a lot of fun hanging out with the guys
Worst part of working at checker?
-Dealing with little kids that ask annoying questions
Are there any big plans for Checker in the future?
-I am looking into the idea of having a Checker Team….video….and maybe even another contest this winter at x-wheels..


Anonymous said...

Royal is winnipeg is by far the biggest BMX shop in the country.

Anonymous said...

is royal only bmx

Charlot said...

Good for people to know.