Charlie Crumlish Interview

Charlie crumlish interview

Hometown: A-hearst, NY.

1.When did you deside you wanted to make a full lenth video?
Every year we talk about how we could have done a full length, if we just saved up our footage instead of doing web videos...So like, last spring a few of us went to Montreal, I had a few things filmed and I just figured I may as well, haha. Everyone helped out, Bobby and Daggo, Aussie sending clips helped actually make it happen and surprisingly we've got a video now.

2.How long have you did you film for it?There's a few older clips, like the oldest ones are about a year old, but most of the filming happened in the last four months before it came out.I started coming up to NF every weekend, getting a few more people to do some full sections and stuff like that.

3.What is BMXFU to you? BallinMotorcycleXylophoneFour20Utube

4.How tall are you? 4' 20"

5.your top 5 bmx influences? Can I Eat Standpoint vids Ratboy Ralph Criminal Mischeif you look up to anyone filming wise?Bob Scerbo, the Animal videos are the best... Anyone can point a camera and edit it but there's something dope about Animal vidsthat can't be taught like that.

7.If you could change anything about the video now, What would it be?
Uhhhhhh... No more uhhh... Take out uhhh...More T and A

8.word on the street is you love the show 'the office'.is that true?
I hate The Office and this is clear to anyone that watches the video.

9.Do you have any plans for another video?
Oh yeah, like we were talking about it before we even finished it up... It might be called Da Bomb, full sections from a bunch of new guys,
Andrew White, Jake, Ryen, Shawn Swain, Gobbo hopefully... Lots of the same dudes too. It's gonna be daaaa bomb.

10.Any thanks or last words?
Thanks to the rents for sure, they supported the vid a ton... Thanks to everyone that filmed for it, everyone that gave me clips, helped meput it together, and watched it. The premiere was the most hilarious night ever, it's stuff like that that makes it so worth the work put in,thanks to everyone that came.

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